Sunday, October 27, 2013

Getting Started

For most people CX season is getting into full swing. For us we are getting geared up to start longer, colder rides on the weekend, and fast rides,  mtbing, and strength training during the week. It is a very exciting transition time for us. We are coming down from a season full of long races. O.G.R.E., DK200, Alexander, and Gravel Worlds. Next year will be filled will with other, more challenging races including TI v10.

Last night of indoor training last year.
But for now we are able to enjoy just riding our bikes for a few weeks. We get to go on long rides with an easy pace. Do some rides around town without keeping track of heart rate, cadence, speed. Stop for coffee more often, do bike packs with plenty of full flasks filled with "The Sweater you wear on the inside", and stop at some of the cool places we have found along the way.

The winery on one of our loops

Yes the next few weeks is the best time to be a cyclist. Changing leaves, changing temperatures, and changing seasons. Not only for Mother Earth but for us as well.

Stealth camping at the back of a bean field

2014 will be our second year as a team and we have been working hard to get the word out. We got our website built, blog set up, Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. There were/are so many things that I didn't know about managing a cycling team and have spent many hours researching and learning. Like all things now days the internet has been a wealth of information. I have learned how to build websites, how to use social media to boost your presence, and how to write and present sponsorship proposals.

Even on our honeymoon we were working on stuff.

Yes, things are changing and we hope to see you out there in 2014. So follow along or join us on this amazing journey we call endurance racing.