Monday, March 24, 2014

Orange Seal Fat Bike Kit

The Dirty Dog Race Pack is going to try something new in the next few months. We are working on teaming up with to bring reviews of products we use for our gravel adventures. As many of you know gravel grinding is different in every part of the country that you visit, so we will try to let you know what we think works here.

Orange Seal Fat Bike Kit
and extra bottle of sealant.

Product Description: Orange Seal Fat Bike Tubeless Kit
Retail Price: $59.99-$64.99 

Product rating: 4

Product Rating Scale 1: No Way Jose
                                   2: Meh
                                   3: Gets the job done
                                   4: Kicks Ass
                                   5: I don’t know why you don’t own it already.

After a ride, a teammate was telling me about a tire that he had set up tubeless that had blown out. I had never seen anything like it so I started to ask around to see if other people had seen this issue. Eventually I got to talking with Orange Seal through their website. The conversation was about bikes in general and then my new Salsa Mukluk, that was on the way. John tells me, “Well hey. We have a fat bike tubeless kit you should try.” 
Sasquatch the test bike.

As I said the test bike is a Salsa Mukluk with Holy Roliin’ Daryl wheels and Surly Nate tires. The Orange Seal kits come with either 45 mm or 75 mm tape, an 8 oz bottle of sealant, and two 32 mm stems. There was enough tape to make two wraps on the rims. The first wrap I hugged the left side of the rim and on the second I hugged the right side of the rim. A trick I learned is to reinstall the tubes and seat the tire. Deflate the tube, but leave one side seated and remove the tube. This way you only have to try and seat one side with the sealant in there, and with a 4” tire it helps. I put the supplied stems in, put the air to it and that was it. I ended up putting about 6 oz in each tire and haven’t lost any pressure in 6 weeks and 300+ miles. I love it! You can feel a difference in ride quality. I went on a minimum maintenance road and must have got a thorn or something in there, but there was a only a little spat and it was done. No stopping and no flat. 

They now also offer a Sub Zero Sealant that retails form $61.99-$66.99 depending on tape width and is rated down to -30f, which I plan on trying out next winter.
Where I found the Hedge
and Locust thorns.

Summary: This is a really great product that I like a lot. It comes with what they tell you, the customer service is great, and it does exactly what it says it does. The only reason it didn’t get a 5 is because I don’t like the stems. It could be operator error, but every time I check the pressure some how the stem loosens on the rim and a little sealant comes out. A very minor problem that isn’t even a problem.

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